Egg Product Nutrition & Trends

The American Egg Board develops single-focused information on a variety of functionality and egg nutrition topics. These topics are important to food formulators as they must consider each and every ingredient and how it performs functionally and nutritionally. Topics such as satiety, sodium reduction, gluten-free products, clean labels, and better-for-you-foods are all important to consumers. The following supplements seek to provide information relevant to these topics.

Super Powers. Simple Ingredients

The egg is familiar to every shopper in America. Yet within that mild-looking shelled exterior lies a powerhouse of nutrition and functionality that transfers super attributes into formulations. more>>

Sodium Reduction

Egg products are naturally low in sodium and possess multifunctional components for foaming, binding and emulsifying, and other functions. more>>

An Expert's POV on Gluten-Free and Soy Allergens

At the American Egg Board/Egg Nutrition Center, we are often asked if eggs are considered gluten-free and whether they trigger soy allergies. With the incidence of food allergies on the rise, these are important questions that can have great health implications for many Americans. more>>

Accept No Substitutes

Eggs possess unique nutritional properties and contribute desirable functional attributes unequaled by any single egg alternative. Eggs also contribute a clean, natural image to help create a consumer-friendly ingredient statement for packaged or prepared foods. more>>

Every Body Every Age

American Egg Board has identified four key demographic segments for which the science is available and the consumer interest exists: pregnant women, toddlers to teens (2 to 12 years old), active adults, and aging Americans (baby boomers and beyond). more>>

The Secret's Out of the Shell

The functional properties of egg ingredients are well documented and applauded in an industry where the combination of function, nutrition and natural is a rarity. Egg ingredients score a triple play on these three attributes, but hit it out of the park when you add to this mixture the fact that egg ingredients are sourced domestically and priced competitively. more>>

Egg-cellent Foods. Egg-cellent Proteins

Energy boosting foods are in demand. An egg, nature's answer to the quest for the highest quality protein, is also your answer to the quest for a highly available, highly functional, protein ingredient. more>>


Egg products perform superbly in gluten-free foods with a functional and nutritional profile that helps these specialty foods retain a 'normal' profile, structure and taste. more>>

Comfort in Eggs

Comfort foods are part of a larger trend that sees Americans returning to the basics. Consumers still need prepared food solutions to make meal preparation easier. One answer for food formulators navigating the tricky waters of supplying comfort foods on a budget is using the egg as an ingredient. more>>

Boomer Health

Every day, 11,000 baby boomers turn 50, and many thousands more are reaching retirement age. However, this generation anticipates experiencing a different style of retirement than their parents before them. more>>

Find True Satisfaction

New research published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition suggests that starting the day with an egg breakfast can reduce hunger and help reduce caloric intake by more than 400 calories over the next 24 hours. more>>